Monday, August 27, 2012

Use of Reiki Energy Healing in the Community

Reiki healing has evolved as a powerful therapeutic practice in past few decades. Considering the effectiveness of the process, therapists and practitioners have integrated Reiki in their practice alongside the main stream healing modality they practice. This symbiotic practice has proven to give better results in several aspects of treatment and positive outcomes in the subjects.

In the year 1922, Japanese Buddhist saint Mikao Usui developed the practice of Reiki. Though it is basically called palm healing or touch healing, with due course of time it has been adopted by various teachers and practiced as adjunct method to provide comprehensive therapeutic and healing measure.

The healing energy of Reiki is used as a complementary form of medicine in many disciplines of healing. It is also classified as a part of oriental medicine. The use of energy is considered to be a transfer of universal life force energy to transform and attain equilibrium which facilitates self healing and wellbeing.

The use of healing energy by Reiki should not be mistaken as any form of meditation. The practice rather uses looking, blowing, tapping lightly and palm touching. Experts describe that Usui used these techniques to transfer energy to the subjects by focussing on the diseased part of the body.

The use of Reiki energy healing can be used effectively in the community sphere to encourage and attain healthy living. There are various formats of using Reiki healing energy. These can be used for the whole body or localized application. Using the three pillars of Reiki i.e. Gasshe, Reiji-he, and Chirye results oriented practices can be planned and implemented.

In the whole body treatment use of the 12 hand positions are considered to energize many levels. The technique helps in energizing the physical level, mental level by use of Reiki symbols,improvises the emotional level and all these are enhanced by the presence of healing power of the energy of the Reiki and the practitioner. Though there remains difference in Japanese and Western practice of Reiki, the goal of the practice remains same, achievement of betterment of body and the mind.

Effective use of reiki healing energy shows improvements in the functional abilities (both physical and mental) of humans. Combined with mindfulness and dedication the healing energy of reiki can work wonders for the community members. It can be applied to both ailing and healthy population members to achieve better states of mind and the body.

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